What you have to do to become a Cloud Architect

The Internet is continually improving, and many other innovations are coming on board. The market size is therefore expanding, and there’s need for adequate personnel to keep it running.

These professionals are responsible for managing the cloud computing services they are specialized in.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is versed in Information Technology (I.T) and is responsible for the management of a company’s computing services.

What is the job description of a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect designs cloud applications, offering cloud monitoring and management services and helps a company or organization map out plans for cloud adoption.

A cloud architect’s job also extends to the deployment of the application architecture in cloud environments such as the hybrid, private and public clouds. A cloud architect offers consultancy and professional services by inundating companies with the latest I.T information.

What necessary steps should I take to become a Cloud Architect?

You can’t jump into the cloud architecture industry without any prior knowledge of the industry. You should have some background and skills in cloud computing architecture at your fingertips.

You’re presented with the steps you have to take towards becoming a cloud architect:

Mastery of Operating Systems

You should have some prior knowledge or experience in any Operating System (OS) of your choice. It doesn’t end here; you should have some administrative or architect expertise on the operations of your desired Operating System.

Mastery of Operating Systems will help you make decisions when you become a cloud architect. You can then make a concise selection of the better processor to be launched.

You should have mastery of two or more of these operating systems:

  •    Windows
  • Unix
  • Solaris

Familiarity with these and knowledge of their pros and cons will be an added advantage to you when you take up the job of a cloud architect.

Deep Knowledge of Cloud security

There are times when security concerns will come up as a result of malware, and it is the job of the cloud architect to solve this issue.

Basic understanding of malicious cloud activities and their solutions is a must-have if you must become a cloud architect.

You should have a considerable understanding of cloud security concepts such as firewalls.

Understanding of Networking Basics

If you wish to become a cloud architect, take out time to study the critical components of networking. Mastery of HTTPS, TCP/IP and DNS will be beneficial to you and your job as a cloud architect.

Remember you’ll be overlooking over a company’s cloud computing, so you have to know how networking works.

Programming Languages

Knowledge of scripting or programming language is essential for a cloud architect. You should know how the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and other vital programming languages work.


The job of a cloud architect is very sensitive, and you should have most of the relevant skills and tools of the industry.

The list above is just a tip of what you should have at your disposal before opting for the job of a cloud architect.