Tricks used by Casinos to attract and retain players

Would you rather discard an opportunity to earn while taking part in your favorite entertainment or embrace the prospects of generating income by doing so? You’ll certainly want to win.

Casinos are gambling hub, and you might have tried to back off from participating but somehow, you still find yourself swimming in the ocean of casino betting.

If you’ve been wondering why you can’t quit casino betting, here’s a list of tricks used by casinos to attract and retain players. Of course, to avoid all these, you can always play online in Virgin Casino, but if you prefer the luxury of physical casinos, you should be aware of the background.

Staff Behavior

Many casino owners have identified the power their staff wield and have used this effectively.

You’ll surely miss the smiling faces of female casinos staff and the ever-gentlemanly approach of the male staff. As distasteful as it might be to you, if you probably don’t wish to hurt them by your quitting their casino, you’ll have to keep going there.

Maze-like Layout

Once you step into a casino, you’re locked in and literally; there’s no way out. Casinos are designed like a maze, and you’ll be in a confused state on which way is actually the exit.

Casino walls are designed, but once you get there, you’ll find yourself bounded back to the casino hall. So this keeps you locked in even against your wish.

No Windows

Casino owners reasoned the prospects of losing players and gamblers if windows are made available. Many players are conscious of time, and once it starts getting dark, they opt for a journey home.

Provision of windows also allows players to have a view of divertive activities going on outside the casino table and this is not what the owners want.

So to keep you in, casinos have no windows that’ll connect you with the outside world.

The absence of wall clocks

Whether you’re playing poker or table game, your concentration is on the game, and you might probably take some time out to ascertain the time.

With the absence of wall clocks, you’ll forget about your schedules and focus on the game believing you have all day. Many casinos do not offer players break. This is to make them unaware of time.

Ambient Atmosphere

It is indeed great to describe casinos as another home. There are soft lighting and smooth carpets in casinos that makes players feel comfortable and relaxed.

You wouldn’t want to leave the pleasurable atmosphere found in casinos and move into the bustling and busy world.

Incentives for Winners

There is a great feeling that comes with winning big on casino betting. Winners are treated and pampered with the best services the casino has to offer such as premium services.

While the winner is enjoying these benefits, his length of stay at the casino extends, and this means more income for the casino.

Casinos also use this to attract players to their fold; leaving players to imagine the benefits they’ll get when they win.


Casino owners have significantly utilized these tricks and some others in roping players. With this tricks and other psychological approaches used by casinos, to quit casino betting will be hard for you.